Quality and Environmental Policy

Guarantee for our customers

Molesi’s main objective is to provide its customers with the best possible service in terms of product quality and fulfillment of deliveries, prioritizing the assurance of their requirements, as well as minimizing the environmental impact as much as possible.

The management policy of our company is based on promoting the continuous improvement of our processes to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to put measures for the reduction of possible environmental impacts.

Our client is our main stakeholder and we must perfectly identify their expectations and needs. Our mission is to comply with the maximum possible rigor, always ensuring compliance with the requirements and regulations that apply to each and every one of the processes of our company, guaranteeing the total confidentiality of the information.

This Policy extracts our Objectives for all areas of Moelsi and establishes a monitoring of their compliance to assess continuous improvement. These are:

  • Increase the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Eliminate everything that does not add value to our customers.
  • Improve as a company in the quality of the product and the service respecting the Environment.
  • Continuously improve the processes and environmental management of the company.
  • Increase the involvement and participation of personnel to achieve the highest level of quality and environmental management.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts associated with the production process, emphasizing the reduction of rubber waste and energy and water consumption.

The management of Moelsi periodically reviews the quality and environmental management system according to the standards that certify it, to ensure its suitability, adequacy and continuous effectiveness.

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