Materials information

Classification of elastomers

Colloquially known as rubber products, they are products produced from mixtures designed to meet specific properties. According to the required properties, or according to the formulator that designs them, the definitive mixture will be unique.

The compounding process is based on the selection and combination of the base elastomers and the additives necessary to obtain the physical and chemical properties required by the final product.

The reaction that converts this crude mixture into the desired final rubber product is called the vulcanization reaction. In short, it is the chemical reaction that occurs between the components of the mixture when it is subjected to a suitable pressure and temperature. This process is what occurs in a tooling in rubber processing machines during the vulcanization process.

Depending on the geometry of the product required, it can be produced by different types of processes: molding, extrusion, die cutting …

Types of rubbers according to requirement. According to the properties that are required in the final product, it will be based on an elastomer or another. Here are some important points to keep in mind when selecting the starting elastomer.

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