Ethical code

Guarantee for our customers

1.1. Purpose and scope

The objective of the ethical code is to establish the principles of behavior that govern the company Moldeados de Elastómeros Sintéticos, S.A.U. (“MOELSI”), defining guidelines for conduct in relationships with people, companies and institutions with which it interacts, that is known and respected by all its employees.

The definition of correct behavior will take into account and will seek the orientation of people towards the guidelines described in the Mission and Vision sections of the company. The code of ethics is mandatory. All employees of the company must follow its guidelines and it is their duty to communicate, using the defined channel, when they are broken by any person or entity.

The company understands that the prevention of irregular conduct related to criminal or other crimes requires analyzing the risks in this area and ensuring that all employees know the code.

The scope of application of the code of ethics includes all administrators, managers and employees of the company, regardless of the type of contract that binds them to the Company.

1.2. Principles

The principles are based on the implementation of ethical practices conducive to the Mission and Vision:

Mission of MOELSI:

The mission of the Company is to manufacture and distribute in the most efficient way, rubber and silicone parts of small and medium size for the industry in general and the automotive sector in particular.

Vision of MOELSI:

The vision of the company is that MOELSI, S.A.U. be recognized in the European industrial market as the best option to provide rubber and silicone parts.

To this end, the following principles that will govern the business activity of MOELSI are established:

a) Quality It is established as a fundamental principle of the organization at the level of all the processes to be followed, conceiving itself as the only acceptable way in which all the elements involved, whether internal or external, can perform the services and fabrications that concern them.

b) Trust On the part of the clients and the own organization, thanks to a management that prioritizes the responsibility and the professionalism.

c) Integrity. The company is based not only on complying with established commitments, but aims to achieve a policy of behavior and respect among workers that allow and involve honest and transparent practices.

d) Efficacy and efficiency. The organization tries to minimize all aspects that cause an obstacle in the development of the company both technologically and at the level of training and process.

e) Proximity. This principle seeks that all the members of the organization not only respect personal integrity, but that they watch over each other so that all

1.3. Commitment

As stated in point “1.1. “Objective and scope”, the code of ethics is mandatory for all members of the company and third parties who have accepted your application.

To this end, MOELSI’s commitment to communicate and disseminate the code is declared so that it is known and respected by all employees. That is why a copy will be delivered to all members of the organization who in turn will have to assume their obligation to know and respect it.

1.3.1. Normative

The company is committed to developing all business and professional activities in accordance with the legislation and the rules and procedures of the company in all places and sectors where it operates.

The company’s activities are always carried out in an environment of absolute respect for human rights and public liberties, according to internationally accepted laws and practices.

The workers will ensure that their decisions proceed in accordance with the applicable standards and, whenever possible, generate evidence on compliance with the procedures.

In addition, all members will have to follow an ethical behavior in their actions and avoid any conduct that, although not being illegal, may harm the reputation of the organization and adversely affect their interests or their public image.

1.3.2. Professional development

The company guarantees equal opportunities and is committed to putting the means to help its employees to develop professionally and personally.

The organization does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, political opinions, nationality, disability or any other circumstance susceptible to discrimination.

MOELSI S.A.U. supports and undertakes to implement and develop those public measures whose objective is to promote the development of a culture of reward of merit. In addition, it is committed to providing the necessary means to contribute to the learning and training of its employees and to update the skills and knowledge to facilitate their progress and offer more value to society.

1.3.3. Collaboration

The company believes that collaboration and teamwork is essential to achieve the objectives. That is why all members must follow a policy of collaboration contributing through their knowledge and skills, to optimize the performance of the resources that the company puts at their disposal to be more effective and efficient.

1.3.4. Security and health

The organization is committed to providing the necessary means to provide its members with a safe work environment and the prevention of occupational risks.

All employees are responsible for complying with safety and health regulations using PRL equipment.

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