Our Company

More than 50 years of experience

Founded in 1965, Moelsi has been supplying rubber, silicone and liquid silicone rubber parts for more than 50 years, manufacturing under the strictest requirements of our customers. We have 3000 m² equipped with the most modern manufacturing technologies and focused on quality, service and conservation of the environment. We continue working every day, focusing on the needs of our customers, listening, observing and learning in a process of continuous improvement, to achieve excellence in our sector.

Mission: Our mission is to create added value, to be more efficient in the manufacture and distribution of small and medium pieces of rubber and silicone for the industry in general and the automotive sector in particular, to provide good service without geographical limits.

Vision: Our vision is to grow together with our customers and be recognized as the best option to provide rubber and silicone parts within the framework of the European industrial market. Develop a network of work to create lasting value.

Values: Moelsi has developed, and strictly enforces, an ethical code that applies to all areas of the company, we are proud of our values:

  • Quality as a fundamental principle, we always seek excellence.
  • Integrity with policies of behavior and respect that enhance honesty and transparency.
  • Efficiency and efficiency promoting technological improvements and training processes.
  • Proximity seeking respect and personal integrity, ensuring the advancement of work, social and personal of the entire group.